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Our Process

Maintaining Control

Unlike grocery stores who may outsource processing to a third party, we maintain control over our proteins at our own federally inspected, ultra-sanitary facility in Tifton, Georgia. All items are hand trimmed to remove excess fat, providing you with more food for your money.

Because we keep everything in house, we can ensure that your food is minimally processed with no chemicals added for preservation, and no water or saline added to plump up the product or increase shelf life. We even grind our own ground beef.

  • Hand trimmed
  • Individually packed, portion controlled
  • Freshness sealed in
  • USDA inspected daily

All items are individually packaged and portion controlled for health, convenience, and variety. Now, whether you’re feeding a few or many, you can simply pull out exactly what you need. Meal prep is a snap and food waste is greatly reduced.

Sealing In Freshness

To seal in freshness, our proteins and produce are flash frozen, locking in peak flavor and nutritional value. This not only improves taste but also naturally eliminates anerobic bacteria, the cause of most food borne illness. You can serve your family with confidence knowing they are eating food that is naturally safe, without the use of harsh chemicals, radiation, or other food-altering processes.

Biodegradable Packaging

After flash freezing, each cut is individually vacuum sealed in biodegradable film, which naturally maintains freshness. Vacuum sealing also removes oxygen, eliminating 99.7% of aerobic bacteria. Aerobic bacteria is what causes grocery store meat to turn gray or taste “funny.” Our special biodegradable film also allows for easy thawing or cooking from frozen. Further, we never use adhesives or glues in our packaging, keeping unnecessary chemicals away from your food.


All of our items are individually vacuum sealed in biodegradable film, portioned for your convenience. (Pictured: Our Anniversary Blend Burgers are a proprietary custom in-house blend using the finest cuts of chuck, ribeye, and brisket.)

Zero Recalls. Ever.

Most of the more than 3,000 annual food recalls in the U.S. come from improper handling or processing. Many grocers are inspected every 90-120 days (with 48-hour advance notice) per USDA regulations. In contrast, we have a full-time USDA inspector onsite at our facility. This allows for daily inspections, providing you with the ultimate in food confidence. Because of the strict control maintained over selection, processing, and packaging we've never had a recall.

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Reality Check:

Most USDA facilities are inspected on a quarterly basis, with a head’s up that someone will be visiting. Kinda like how you know to make sure your house is spotless before the mother-in-law visits.

Us? We're inspected daily.

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