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All Natural, Farm to Table Food, Delivered to Your Home

If you’d like more information about a more convenient, healthier alternative to your mainstream grocery store, then you're in the right place. We specialize in:

  • Locally grown and farm-specific meats, seafood, and vegetables. We’re talking American owned and operated farms, and American fishermen harvesting their catch from the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Natural, nutritious, delicious. Food free from additives, hormones, steroids, saline, dyes, or other preservatives.
  • Convenience. If you’re a busy family or just dread going to the grocery store, then this is for you. With complimentary White Glove Delivery included, our Freezer Artists deliver six months of food directly to your freezer… and then put it all away for you!

Want a little more information? Simply fill out the form below and one of our Wellness Consultants will answer your questions and help you build a personalized menu based on what you like to eat and within your family’s food budget.

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About Our Service

Our passion is supporting the small, independent farmer, rancher, and producer so that we may provide you with the highest quality selection of locally sourced products in the southeast.

All livestock are raised in a low stress, natural environment and fed a vegetarian diet free from fillers, animal remnants or byproducts. No growth hormones, steroids, or antibiotics of any kind are ever introduced. Vegetables are allowed to fully vine ripen, then immediately flash frozen to lock in their peak taste and nutrition. It’s simply farming the way nature intended.

Unwanted additives are often added to grocery store food to extend shelf life, improve appearance, or add weight. Because we eliminate these, you can feel good knowing that you are feeding your family the most healthy, nutritious meals available. For example, because we never add saline solution to our proteins (often added to improve taste and increase weight), unnecessary sodium is avoided. This is especially important if you have a family member with blood pressure sensitivity. If you have a red food dye concern, you can rest easy knowing our food is free from all dyes.

Unlike grocery stores that may outsource processing to a third party, we maintain control over our proteins at our own federally inspected, ultra-sanitary facility in Tifton, Georgia. All items are hand trimmed to remove excess fat, providing you with more food for your money.

Because we keep everything in house, we can ensure that your food is minimally processed with no chemicals added for preservation, and no water or saline added to plump up the product or increase shelf life. We even grind our own ground beef.

We've designed our farm to table service to be a better tasting, more convenient alternative to your current grocery budget, rather than an additional food expense. Typically, our service will offset 55% to 70% of what you are currently spending on food. You will find you make fewer trips to the grocery store, and will save money with less frequent need for drive-through, take out, and delivery. Our families tell us that even though our farm fresh items are higher in quality, we fit in the same range as their current food budget.

  • All natural, fully-aged Black Angus beef

  • Sustainably fished seafood

  • Free range, Certified Humane poultry

  • Super Select Pork, vegetarian fed with no animal by-products

  • Kid friendly options

  • Carolina raised bison and elk, gourmet lamb and veal

  • All natural, portion controlled, vine-ripened vegetables

  • Pre-prepared gourmet: Wholesome entrees and sides

  • Bakery shop, premium desserts

Each time you place an order, your farm fresh food will be delivered to your home in one of our new, temperature-controlled trucks. Our highly skilled and courteous freezer artists (our term of affection for our delivery team) will meticulously pack and organize your food in your freezer for you. If you need a freezer, one can even be provided for you. You'll love having a personal grocery store at home, stocked with only the items your family loves.

We are not a meal kit company that slings a box on your doorstep. At your request, one of our experienced team members will be happy to assist you in planning a customized menu, based on what your family likes to eat. You choose only the items and quantities you want, and never get stuck with something you don’t like.

Our mission is to save you time and make your life easier by affordably bringing the farm to your table. You will no longer have to worry about what’s for dinner, and mealtime can be family time. The way it’s supposed to be.

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